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"The Korriban Incursion demonstrated the utter impotence of the Sith traditionalists. Unable to defend the dusty tombs and temples that they cowered in, many were cut down, or worse, captured by the insufferable Jedi.

With the complete failure of the old guard to defend its home, and its retaking by upstart former slaves (such as this humble Rattataki philosopher), one thing has become clear to the entire Empire:

The myth of the superiority of pure Sith is dispelled, forevermore.”

— Igniis Trajan, Passion, Strength, Power, Victory, Freedom

these are the cutest omg please

  • redbean ice cream:

    ideal partner

  • greenbean popsicle:

    smth im jealous of

  • mochi ice cream:

    what i look for in a friend

  • banana popsicles:

    1 memory i have of you

  • mango ice cream:

    a tumblr ship

  • strawberri froyo:

    top 3 insecurites

  • mint choco froyo:

    3 things im proud of

  • cookies and cream froyo:

    3 things you can do to make me automatically like you

  • vanilla:

    how i found your blog

  • orange ice cream:

    something ive always wanted to tell you

  • green tea ice cream:

    a blog that reminds me of yours

  • jasmine tea:

    an unpopular opinion that i have

  • orange tea:

    a secret that i've kept

  • oolong tea:

    my first love

  • strawberry tea:

    favourite outfit

  • milk tea:

    current fashion obsession

  • bubble tea:

    fashion pet peeve

  • strawberry iced tea:

    your best feature

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