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SWTOR || Character Profile || Taizo Lok



Full Name: Taizo Lok


Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Affiliations: Mandalorians

Age: 32

Height: 185 cm

Sexuality: primarily heterosexual, had a few curious encounters with the same gender.

Relationship status: married, 3 children, 4th on the way



Zo doesn’t remember his father, and his mother a few years after giving birth to Zo’s half brother Yauhqui. He grew up on the streets of Coruscant, joined a few street gangs to keep himself and his brother alive. At some point he witnessed a fight between a bounty hunter and the hunter’s target. The hunter got killed. When the coast was clear Zo grabbed the dead man’s gear and decided to pick up bounty hunting. His brother didn’t want to come along, so he left him behind and started doing his own thing.

When he was 18 he set out to hunt a Jedi Master on Dantooine he stumbled upon the Jedi’s Padawan instead. A duel commenced between the two of them, resulting in a draw when they both almost lost an eye. Instead of killing the Padawan for getting between his target and him he left her alive, demanding to know her name, which was Andokai. He left afterwards before the Master returned. Instead of leaving the planet Zo had several secret meetings with the Padawan.

Those meetings came to an end when Andokai was shipped off planet. Zo didn’t know wether he could find her or not and continued bounty hunting.

He met a smuggler named Hyleas Moxl shortly after and teamed up with her for business purposes. They became involved with each other and he helped raise Hyleas’ son Viho. During that time he stumbled across an exiled Chiss girl called Thavari and let the girl tag along, to eventually adopt her.

Not long after that he heard about the Great Hunt. He left Hyleas behind, had Thavari tag along, and pursued his own interests again. He gained the attention of the older bounty hunter Braden and met up with Braden’s team on Hutta to participate in the Great Hunt. After winning the Great Hunt Mandalore the Vindicated adopted Taizo into his clan. Joining the Mandalorians was like finally having a family to Taizo and in Mandalore he gained the father he always wanted.

Having made a name for himself he also decided to try and track down Andokai, whom he couldn’t forget. Their reunion didn’t go exactly as planned, because he was declared Republic Enemy #1, but they eventually overcame the odds.


Taizo has a tough and rough exterior, but he’s warmhearted family man underneath. He’s devoted to his clan and his family. He has an iron will and great determination to succeed in whatever course he plans for himself. Some people may look down upon him, thinking he’s just a dumb bounty hunter, but he knows that he’s not. He knows the ins and outs of his profession and knows how to conduct his business. He even wrote a book about it. He is a professional and won’t betray an employer.

Zo can have a bit of a temper, if he feels he’s been wronged, or if someone hurts his family or his friends. It makes him quite ruthless and reckless. Some of the worst decisions in his life happened while he was angry.

He’s a social man, loves to meet up with his friends and will help his friends where he can.

Likes: guns, credits, battle, family, meeting friends, drinking alcohol

Dislikes: bounty hunter wannabe thugs, Sith powerplay, Jedi, goody two-shoes, Hutts

Connections: Eelan Bukk (friend), Ryner Sanpo (friend), Oda Strarf (friend), Houki Aluna (friend) Messai Ordo (friend), Vic Greydon (friend)

To get you started: InterferenceDrinks and Flames

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